Mccoy Pharma is energetic 41 years old Pharmaceutical Company and have always strived to improve upon its existing portfolio and have shown great success over the period of time. It’s among the most accomplished Pharmaceutical Company having all type of manufacturing capabilities which gives a great platform and exposure to its employees to attain greater heights in pursue of their personal goals and achievements. This company has great expectations from its employees in shaping the future of this company and hence propagates freedom of thought and growth of each individual.

We try to work by creating a cooperate environment that fairly evaluates and rewards employees for the results they achieve and encourage others to effectively contribute in the overall development of the company.

Training is given at each and every step of assigned responsibilities for the better understanding of work complexities and helping in positive contribution by its employees.

The company is ever growing and has a great future ahead and we look forward for positive contribution by individuals which are resourceful in their own right.

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HR Team

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