R & D

We are engage in developing low cost medicines by engaging R&D for production optimization, increasing our product range with introduction of newer products and newer delivery systems for better patient compliance.

The focus of our R & D facility is to increase the product portfolio to provide people with latest medicines by continuously formulating new drugs and validating its production lines with stringent quality control and Quality Assurance of our products under cGLP environment.

Conducting various studies on our developed products including impurity profiling, stability studies, microbiology and photogenic testing and validating methods for each testing of developed products.

We also undertake formulation development for various companies and have the facilities to develop and validate the formulations as per the requirement of the companies with complete QA and QC documentation.

We have developed and formulated some complex and new drugs formulations for our existing clients as per their requirements to compete in the international market. With the experience of developing and manufacturing more than 600 products over the period of 15 years we have created a niche in our formulation development skills.

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